Will we be able to learn from this?

Depending on the pandemic we are going through, we have been confined to our homes for a week. To date, this is not a very long period and already some of us are experiencing this situation more difficult than others. We will have to manage the next few weeks like a marathon, not a four hundred metres, and it is time to rethink our current working methods, our relationships with others and how we can make our business flourish within new parameters.

We need to learn from the current crisis.

I am not questioning the idea of wanting to prosper. On the contrary, I encourage those who have the resources of creativity, leadership and finance to implement their life project and, why not, to link the passion that drives them to their professional environment.

This in itself is a source of personal fulfilment and I find myself in this search to participate in a life project.

The realisation of company projects contributes to the wealth of the economy while at the same time providing work and protection for its employees, who are just as indispensable to the constitution of a country’s economic system.

What we are experiencing today is the consequence of decisions taken decades ago. Somewhat like a gold digger, man has gone on a wild goose chase. He wanted to find the unique gold nugget that could never be found and that his neighbour could never have. He then set about inventing it. His intelligence served to install us in a comfort we all use and appreciate. Then the machine got carried away, his intelligence put the Earth’s resources at risk. Many animal populations are now threatened or endangered.

We thought only of profit, of growing up without concern for future generations. A little as if we were living with twenty people in a six-person flat. We borrowed the land from our children and are asked to return it to them in better condition than when we took possession of it.

Some of us, however, had the reflex to protect the other, the weaker populations, nature. Preserving the environment has been one of the driving forces in their path of life. I thank them infinitely for this.

We must learn from what is happening to us. I see several messages to be analysed and understood.

The first message is the significant slowing down of the pollution of our planet. Animals are reclaiming the places from which humans had expelled them. We, who have invented, produced and over-consumed, are in fact the most vulnerable. Nature is sending us the signal that it can take back its rights whenever it wants. We are only the tenants of a planet and we are asked to take care of it.

The second message is our inability to communicate with our loved ones. We are deprived of these social ties to which we are all attached. We are prevented from showing our empathy, care and protection to our loved ones. We are far from our families, our relatives, our friends, whereas the success of our business projects depends on the quality of our human relations.

As someone working in the business world, I would like to learn from this crisis. How can I better achieve my life project with a better consideration of the external environment: the environment, human relations.

The reflection that I am undertaking today and that I also wish you can only have positive effects on this new essential balance. The one that will organise performance, the growth of your companies and the preservation of the lives of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Finally, I wish each and every one of you the success of your dreams while not neglecting the importance of maintaining, developing and growing your intra-family ties. This is particularly close to my heart.