When should you restructure your company ?

Restructuring a company is an essential step in the growth of its business.

Last month, I intervened in a company with serious organisational and therefore financial difficulties. I arrived in a period of crisis.

At this time, urgency does not favour objectivity. I am used to managing short deadlines. This context is likely to have a real impact on the quality of decisions. And the whole final objective of the restructuring is called into question.

But then, why not think about restructuring in anticipation of changing needs?

Restructuring is a real opportunity to face future challenges. There is no point in denying it. The challenges can be varied. They include: a change in management or a transfer of shareholders, a change in market behaviour, a deficient human organisation, difficulties in production or distribution processes.

In all these cases, you will need to entrust a team of experienced auditors with a precise and objective analysis of your organisation, its needs and its resources.

This audit should result in a precise diagnosis. A diagnosis is the measurement of a gap between a declared existing situation, a real existing situation and the target you want to reach. You will then have all the information you need to implement the desired recommendations.

But beware of the pitfalls, there are many. For example, without really questioning your resources and your structure, your company can be healthy if it stays within its current objectives and become sick if it decides to reach objectives that are too high.

Don’t forget to write your strategic plan. It will then be welcome and written according to the conclusions of the audit and your managerial vision.

The simplest thing to do will be to … transform the trial and ensure the company’s sustainability !