I. Structure, optimize and prepare your company for divestiture. You will be able to sell your company under the best conditions.

The optimization

Optimisation entreprise

During reflection on a possible sale, we will accompany you to optimize your company, its organization, and its financial and commercial aspects.

We analyze its structure, organization and finances in order to present you with the action plans necessary to optimize and enhance the value of your company. More detailed points such as market, competition, marketing or commercial aspects are also addressed.

This multidisciplinary intervention is carried out in collaboration with the most specialized experts in each field.

Preparing for sale

In addition to recommendations, we will be at your side for the implementation and follow-up of the action plans necessary to prepare the company for its future sale.

Your company will then be ready to enter a divestiture process.

Its organization and its valuation are optimized, and both the buyer and the seller will benefit from this intermediate step.

II. Disposal, in a context that has human and economic benefits

Understanding and memorandum

La compréhension et le mémorandum

During a disposal process, Groupe Colipain meets with the selling shareholders beforehand to listen to and understand their project. The main issues discussed are the identification of the ideal buyer and the aspirations of the sellers in this sale.

Based on this understanding of the environment, an information memorandum is drawn up for potential buyers. This memorandum includes a brief description of the commercial and operational organization, the structure of the organization, and certain financial elements.

The search for the ideal buyer

La recherche du repreneur idéal

Based on our broad contact base we are presenting this memorandum to various potential buyers. The extent of our contact base stems both from the accumulated expertise of Groupe Colipain and from extensive contact with external organizations such as banks, law firms, investment funds or family offices.

Initial targeting allows us to capture the interest of certain investors. After this initial communication, a meeting is organized by Groupe Colipain in order to assess and monitor the financial capacity and profile of the potential buyer.

The negotiation


Groupe Colipain prepares the setting of the desired sale price and represents the seller in the discussion and negotiation process with the identified buyer. As soon as we receive the buyer’s letter of intent, we analyze this document in collaboration with specialized lawyers to inform the seller of the process that will be organized for the sale of their business.

Afterwards, we remain at your side during the analysis phases carried out by the buyer, during the due diligence. We also assist you during the final negotiations, up to the sale of shares. If necessary, we participate in the construction of the credit file and the drafting of agreements.

The communication

communication entreprise

Groupe Colipain can carry out, together with the seller and the buyer, communication with the company’s personnel concerning the change of shareholders and/or management and explain the reasons and motivation of the parties. This communication is sometimes used to reassure staff about the company’s long-term future.

Throughout this process the human, organizational, and financial aspects will always be at the center of our attention, in order to sell the company in a way that has human and economic benefits.