Marc Johnen

Marc Johnen, its founder, draws as much on his experience in various internationally or locally renowned companies as on a transversal vision of your environment to approach each project in an economically and humanly favorable context.

He brings you a better understanding of the technical nature of the intervention, a real dialogue to fully understand the vision and the stakes of each project, to obtain an optimized benefit of the intervention.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, both Belgian and European, we provide you with a personalized and multidisciplinary response that will save you time, increase the chances of success of your project, and optimize its implementation. Active within numerous business networks, it has high-performance relays and numerous contacts that enable it to offer you reactivity, flexibility and a guarantee of success in your projects.

Our company

Groupe Colipain Business Firm, created in 2001, aims primarily to ensure the success, growth, and durability of the companies that place their trust in it.

Groupe Colipain Business Firm specializes in M&A (diagnosis, disposal and acquisition), Corporate Finance and Mediation. It is mainly active in the field of Mid Cap Market companies (from €2 to 15 million) on a national and international scale, family or private companies.

With Groupe Colipain, you have a single, trusted contact to carry out your M&A projects and to optimize your company through its organizational, financial and commercial aspects.

Groupe Colipain Business Firm works closely with the largest banking institutions in Belgium (BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, Belfius) and abroad (GBL, ………..).

Present on the Belgian, French and Luxembourg markets, we have offices in Brussels and Paris. We are also present on the Luxembourg market.

This proximity and presence in these three countries offers business opportunities for our clients who would like to expand their activities or who are looking for a foreign partnership.

As a member of Transeo (The European association for SME transfer) and a recognized expert by Sowaccess, Groupe Colipain is in permanent contact with its colleagues and informed of important events that may take place on the M&A market.

The Business Office is labelled for obtaining company cheques in the Walloon Region. This labeling allows its clients to obtain a financial intervention in their various projects of collaboration with Groupe Colipain.

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