Médiation entreprise

During the different phases of a business project, the human impact is often important and should not be neglected. Mediation allows the establishment of a real dialogue and leads to a win-win solution for the actors. New avenues of collaboration or opportunities are thus uncovered.

Mediation during a transfer, assignment or acquisition


In all phases of a company’s life and particularly during transmission phases, the human aspect remains paramount for the realization of promising future business.

In this context, Marc Johnen remains at your side and can intervene to resolve certain conflicts at both management and shareholder level. His intervention is also of great help during a project of transmission of a family business to future generations in order to approach it in the most favorable context for all.

Communication, the essential lubricant in a company

communication entreprise

Too often we have found that business projects can be blocked, delayed or go in the wrong direction because of a lack of communication or because of poor communication within the company’s shareholder base or management.

Based on his experience of more than 20 years, Marc Johnen enables you to anticipate an uncomfortable position with a partner, a partner and to solve any communication problem within the company in order to promote a fruitful future collaboration.

Interest-based mediation, the winning approach

Médiation raisonnée

Interest-based mediation involves the search for common interests instead of a debate on positions in order to move towards an acceptable and constructive agreement. It helps to establish a balance between the parties, to generate mutual gain and to preserve possible future collaboration.

Thanks to reasoned mediation, Groupe Colipain Business Law Firm can help you set up specific shareholder agreements or collaboration agreements requiring in-depth analysis.

Approved by the Federal Mediation Commission, Marc Johnen will intervene in both civil and commercial mediations, in a win-win approach for both parties.