Médiation entreprise

Do you have a business acquisition, sale or transfer project? Do not underestimate the importance of having a mediator by your side to facilitate the process, arbitrate disputes and sign successfully!

Are you no longer on the same page ?

The dialogue is deadlocked ?

Your roads separate, but at what cost ?

Can’t find a solution to a dispute with a supplier or customer ?

Negotiating with associates , partners, buyers, shareholders, heirs, clients, suppliers … is never easy! For more than 20 years, we have supported companies of all sizes who wish to complete their transactions under the best conditions.

Our experience as a lawyer and mediator allows you to iron out differences of view, anticipate the reactions of the opposing party , convince his audience, bring the parties back to the table …
We are here to help you live the key stages in the life of your business as calmly as possible.

Marc Johnen

Marc Johnen and Michel Gonda assist you throughout the transaction, until its outcome which must satisfy all parties .

We are active in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, approved by the Belgian Federal Commission for mediation and certified for obtaining company vouchers in the Walloon Region .

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Michel Gonda