How far we will go ?

Our current concerns as business leaders are right. We must ensure the sustainability of these companies for which we are responsible.

Of course, we must be careful to remain competitive on our markets, we must also respect the investment of our shareholders, the well-being of our employees, put in place all the instruments of effective good governance and preserve the environment. A vast mission !

We must certainly not overlook our primary mission, which has been entrusted to us.

Today, we are on the eve of a change in market model. Artificial intelligence has begun its exponential evolution. To give just a few examples, we are all familiar with automatic lawnmowers and hoovers, cars that detect pedestrians, or automated stock management without human intervention.

And frankly, I welcome this progress. However, this progress will only be beneficial if we can measure all its impacts. Financial, comfort, performance.

Every department in our lives will be affected by these future discoveries.

We are at the dawn of a profound upheaval in some of our professions. For example, the accounting professions will be totally modified; it will be the end of the time to spend our time trying to encode invoices and even trying to get out of reporting and budgeting tools. The added value of this profession will have to be sought elsewhere. These professionals will have to become “high-tech professionals with white gloves” who will only intervene in very specific areas of expertise.

The legal professions will be assisted by high-performance databases that will write conclusions with reference to constantly evolving case law. Here too, their added value will have to shift to other areas of excellence.

Artificial intelligence and robotics will continue to perform and help men and women better accomplish their missions.

The debate between robotization, artificial intelligence and maintaining our jobs is a complex one, and it alone requires us to devote an important moment to it. We all know what is at stake, we can of course debate this current subject, but I fear that we are too late.

The real debate that must now take place is that of the evolution of this artificial intelligence in the jobs of tomorrow, that is to say in the next ten years. This is indeed the issue of the moment for us, for our children and the future of our human organisation.

I would like to share with you a little experience I had last month. I absolutely had to send an express parcel for international deliveries. I called a world-renowned company to respond to my request.

I was very surprised when I found that I was faced with a computerized voice without any sensitivity. I had to choose my options orally and with some stress that this charming virtual operator did not recognise my voice, my choices. It was only after more than five minutes that I was able to express myself to an employee who this time could really understand my concern at the time.I hung up and wondered if we were missing something?

How far will we go?

We leaders of today and tomorrow have our assigned responsibilities, and we now also have a different responsibility, that of maintaining an efficient professional organisation while ensuring that this artificial intelligence that is constantly advancing does not win its battle for the benefit of the quality of human relations.

In the search for cost reductions and increased profitability, we leaders must take care not to distort the essential.

No matter how much progress we make, experienced men and women constitute the greatest wealth and therefore the greatest exploitable capital for a company.

Like all systems, artificial intelligence has its limits. Today, given the technological advances, my knowledge and sensitivity, it seems to me that artificial intelligence cannot replace the added value represented by the know-how of an organisation’s employees. Whether it is family, private or even public.

In all the projects that I lead, I continually put into perspective the progress of the future and the human balance. I do not deny progress, on the contrary I face it. I welcome it with enthusiasm and appreciate the beneficial effects of it on the profitability of our companies. However, I can’t help thinking that our children must be prepared for it.

I am convinced that in less than ten years, i.e. just tomorrow, our economic operating model will have been profoundly modified.

We cannot prevent progress, and I do not wish to do so! We must very rightly be aware of its impact on future generations.

Specialising in mergers and transfers of family businesses, I devote a large part of my time to organising and structuring a company so that it can be passed on under the best conditions to the transferor. It should never be forgotten that the most successful transfer is the one where there is a real story for the buyer.

What about tomorrow?

From now on, this story will pass through an awareness that this artificial intelligence is constantly advancing every day. And it’s not enough to just say it, you have to live it every day, be constantly on the alert, be passionate about it.

For me, it is an enormous challenge to ensure the profitability that ensures the sustainability of our jobs, the maintenance of the tool, the shareholders’ objectives and to accompany progress.

In each business transfer project, I put forward the business plan drawn up by management. It is this document that serves as a roadmap for the progress of your business and for increasing your market share.

To manage is to plan and even more so in the context of a business being transferred. It is precisely at this point that you should not give up. Giving a vision, a strategy, a body, is also bringing value to the project. For you, for the buyer and for all your employees.

You need to include the progress of artificial intelligence in this business plan and all the internal operating processes. This has become imperative if you want your company to be able to face the future.

Taking into account the respect of your human organisation while not neglecting the future progress of artificial intelligence is a real challenge! Let’s be visionary in future developments and anticipate the organisation of our structure.

This awareness will contribute to improving the profitability of your company and its competitive position.

I urge you to carry out a real reflection within your structure. Artificial intelligence is already in our lives. Don’t be overtaken by your competitors in this field.

I remain at your disposal to talk about it in person, taking into account the specificities of your project.