If you would like a financial analysis, a stricter follow-up of the management of your company or a consolidation of your accounts, Groupe Colipain is there for you, for short-term assignments and for interim or project management.

Implementation of your business plan:

Réalisation business plan

With over 20 years of expertise, you will have a business plan that integrates the organizational, commercial and marketing components as well as the more specific aspects of a financial plan. This is excellent formalization of your company’s growth projections.

Structuring the organization of your group or company

structuration organisation société

When thinking about a merger/acquisition, or a wish to clarify your structure, we actively collaborate in structuring the organization of your Group or company, in the areas of good governance, internal control, human resources management, accounting and financial management.

Preparation of consolidated financial statements

Elaboration comptes consolidés

We assist in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements of your subsidiaries, your various entities and your group. The identification of your intra-group exchanges enables the drafting of consolidated accounts and accurately identifies receivables and debts within your group, minority interests, and consolidated margins between entities.

Financial reporting and dashboards

reporting financier

Groupe Colipain offers you the implementation of internal financial reporting and dashboards specific to the company’s organization and needs. This implementation will take place after a phase of understanding the organization and any internal control recommendations. This ensures a precise management of your resources.



Within the framework of your growth project, we accompany you in a complete valuation of your structure, identify your financing needs and help you to concretize the development of your project by external financing.


Levée de fonds / Recherche de financement

At many stages in the life cycle of a business or during a growth programme, your company needs funds to move forward.

Groupe Colipain can facilitate and accelerate this process of seeking financing and fundraising, thanks to its extensive network and numerous contacts with financial institutions, funds and private investors. With you, it analyses the different financing options and assists you in evaluating your needs, from the search for funds to the signing of the transaction.

Improvement of good governance and direction

Amélioration de la bonne gouvernance, mandat d’administrateur

We sincerely believe that good governance leads companies to improved performance and economic development.

This good governance relies in particular on a board of directors that brings together various complementary skills.

In this context, Marc Johnen, a member of Guberna, draws on his expertise and strengthens your board as an external and independent director.

This will save you time, relieve you of certain tasks and allow you to focus on developing your core business or accelerating the implementation of a new project.